Unfulfilled expectations: Israelis' changing view of the role of the state and its implications

Tamar Hermann

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This paper will briefly present an argument regarding the transformation of the
dominant orientation of Israeli Jewish society from relatively congruent collectivist statistism to an incongruent and unstable state of mind, which combines strong collectivistic tendencies on one hand and disillusionment with the state and the political system as a whole on the other, resulting in excessive individualism and political escapism. It will also make the argument that against the background of the severe challenges facing Israeli Jewish society, this prevailing state of mind is extremely dysfunctional. It may lead to far-reaching depolitization and „exit,“ to an extent that may reduce Israeli Jewish society‘s viability or – alternately – to the rise to power of a „strong“ leader, who, while he may deal effectively with the fears and realities of this progressing societal disintegration, but on the way, he may well take actions which will result in the erosion of Israel’s democratic nature.
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סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 2007
אירוע "Peace and Freedom – International
Perspectives" : organised by the Liberal Institute, Friedrich Naumann Foundation
- Potsdam, גרמניה
משך הזמן: 15 ספט׳ 200617 ספט׳ 2006


כנס "Peace and Freedom – International

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