Traditional Society in Transition: The Yemeni Jewish Experience

Bat Zion Eraqi Klorman

פרסום מחקרי: פרסום בכתב עתסקירהביקורת עמיתים

שפה מקוריתאנגלית
עמודים (מ-עד)1-231
מספר עמודים231
כתב עתBrill Reference Library of Judaism
סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 2014

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Funding Information:
The publication of this book was supported by the Open University of Israel (OUI) Research Fund. The Department of History, Philosophy and Judaic studies at the OUI provided me with an enriching and challenging research atmosphere. During the research for this volume and its writing I enjoyed the intellectual support and friendship of colleagues and friends, among them Avishai Ben-Dror, Deborah S. Bernstein, Haggai Erlich, Sylvie Fogiel-Bijaoui, Israel Gershoni, Aviva Halamish, Meir Hatina, Horit Herman-Peled, Amir Horowitz, Mustafa Kabha, Ishay Landa, Ester Muchawsky-Schnapper, Ophir Münz-Manor, Yoav Peled, Haim Saadoun, Rachel Sharabi, Tal Shuval, Ehud Toledano and Henry Wassermann. I am grateful for their encouragement and sound advice.

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