Reflective Mechanisms in AOP Languages

Sergei Kojarski, David H. Lorenz

פרסום מחקרי: נייר עבודה / גרסה מוקדמתנייר עבודה


The paper describes concepts and experiments with reflective mechanisms in AOP languages, illustrating that an AOP computation is
a reflective computation. The goal is to improve the understanding
of AOP and reflection by revealing that AOP and reflection are in
fact both first class reflective mechanisms. The paper discusses the
relation between reflection and AOP, and demonstrates how AOP
can be used for implementing reflection. We illustrate that in case
the aspect language does not offer core reflection or in case the reflection offered by the aspect language is not expressive enough,
reflection can be simulated with AOP. This is in contrast to the traditional thinking of AOP as merely a mechanism for facilitating
reflection functionalit
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מקום הפרסוםBoston, MA 02115
סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 1 מרץ 2003

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