Proton transfer reactions of C2H4{radical dot}+: the bond energy D(C2H3-H)

A. Petrank, M. Iraqi, I. Dotan, C. Lifshitz

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Reactions of C2H4{radical dot}+ with a series of molecules having different proton affinities were studied with a selected-ion flow tube in order to bracket the proton affinity (PA) of the C2H3{radical dot} radical. Since the proton transfer reactions were studied only in the forward direction, the PA values were obtained from correlations between the efficiency of proton transfer and the overall reaction thermochemistry. Reactions with CH3OH and CClH2CN were particularly relevant and yielded PA(C2H{radical dot}3) = 182.2 ± 1 kcal mol-1 at 298K. A thermochemical cycle leads to the bond energy D298(CH2CHH) = 110.9 ± 1 kcal mol-1, in excellent agreement with recent data based on negative ion acidity experiments.

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כתב עתInternational Journal of Mass Spectrometry and Ion Processes
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