Occurrence of four types of growth hormone-related dwarfism in Israeli communities

A. Adam, Z. Josefsberg, A. Pertzelan, Z. Zadik, J. M. Chemke, Z. Laron

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Data are presented on 121 dwarfed patients belonging to 98 Israeli families with 4 types of dwarfism related to deficiency or in activity of human growth hormone (hGH): isolated growth hormone deficiency (IGHD), partial hGH deficiency (pIGHD), multiple pituitary hormone deficiencies (MPHD) and Larontype dwarfism (LTD). These series are believed to comprise most of the dwarfs of these types in Israel; however, their distribution among the various ethnic communities varies greatly: LTD (15 families) is confined to a few communities of Oriental Jews; only 3 of 30 families with IGHD, but 7 of 10 families with pIGHD, are Ashkenazi, whereas the ethnic distribution of 42 families with MPHD corresponds roughly to that of the general population. These data seem to reflect the role of genetic factors in the etiology of the various types of dwarfism: the stronger the genetic component, the greater is its deviation from random occurrence among the various communities.

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כתב עתEuropean Journal of Pediatrics
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סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - ספט׳ 1981
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