Magnetic and electric black holes in the vector-tensor Horndeski theory

Y. Verbin

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We construct exact solutions of magnetically charged black holes in the vector-tensor Horndeski gravity and discuss their main features. Unlike the analogous electric case, the field equations are linear in a simple (quite standard) parametrization of the metric tensor, and they can be solved analytically even when a cosmological constant is added. The solutions are presented in terms of hypergeometric functions, which makes the analysis of the black hole properties relatively straightforward. Some of the aspects of these black holes are quite ordinary, like the existence of extremal configurations with maximal magnetic charge for a given mass or the existence of a mass with maximal temperature for a given charge, but others are somewhat unexpected, like the existence of black holes with a repulsive gravitational field. We perform our analysis for both signs of the nonminimal coupling constant and find black hole solutions in both cases but with significant differences between them. The most prominent difference is the fact that the black holes for the negative coupling constant have a spherical surface of curvature singularity rather than a single point. On the other hand, the gravitational field produced around this kind of black holes is always attractive. Also, for small enough magnetic charge and negative coupling constant, extremal black holes do not exist, and all magnetic black holes have a single horizon. In addition, we study the trajectories around these magnetic black holes for light as well as massive particles either neutral or electrically charged. Finally, we compare the main features of these black holes with their electric counterparts, adding some aspects that have not been discussed before, like temperature, particle trajectories, and light deflection by electrically charged Horndesky black holes.

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מספר המאמר024057
כתב עתPhysical Review D
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סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 15 יולי 2022

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