Internet and emotions

Tova Bensky (עורך), Eran Fisher (עורך)

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Introduction: Investigating Emotions and the Internet Tova Benski and Eran Fisher Part I: Theoretical and Methodological Considerations 1. Power, Identity and Feelings in Digital Late Modernity: The Rationality of Reflexive Emotion Displays Online Jakob Svensson 2. Feeling Through Presence: Toward of Theory of Interaction Rituals and Parasociality in Online Social Worlds David Boyns and Daniele Loprieno 3. Measuring Emotions in Individuals and Internet Communities Dennis Kuster and Arvid Kappas Part II: Emotions Display 4. Grief 2.0: Exploring Virtual Cemeteries Nina R. Jakoby and Simone Reiser 5. Islamic Emoticons: Pious Sociability and Community Building in Online Muslim Communities Andrea L. Stanton 6. Emotional Socialization on a Swedish Internet Dating Site: The Search and Hope for Happiness Henrik Furst 7. Emotion to Action?: Deconstructing the Ontological Politics of the "Like" Button Tamara Peyton Part III: Mediating Interpersonal Intimacy 8. Transconnective Space, Emotions and Skype: The Transnational Emotional Practices of Mixed International Couples in the Republic of Ireland Rebecca Chiyoko King-O'Riain 9. Send Me a Message and I'll Call You Back: The Late Modern Webbing of Everyday Love Life Natalia Canto-Mila, Francesc Nunez and Swen Seebach Part IV: Mediating Emotional Space 10. Emerging Resentment in Social Media: Job Insecurity and Plots of Emotions in the New Virtual Environments Elisabetta Risi 11. Cosmopolitan Empathy and User-Generated Disaster Appeal Videos on YouTube Mervi Pantti and Minttu Tikka 12. Anger, Pain, Shame, and Cyber-Voyeurism: Emotions Around E-Tragic Events Alessandra Micallizzi 13. Emotional Investments: Australian Feminist Blogging and Affective Networks Frances Shaw
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מקום הפרסוםNew York
מוציא לאורRoutledge
מספר עמודים236
מסת"ב (מודפס)9781135055462, 9781135055455, 9781135055448
סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 2014

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שםRoutledge studies in science, technology and society

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