“Financial less is more”: An experimental study of financial communication

Abigail Hurwitz, Eyal Lahav, Yevgeny Mugerman

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Past research has demonstrated that many individuals are not well equipped to make financial decisions and hence depend greatly on the flow and quality of financial information. Various governments are implementing reforms aimed at improving the quality of pension financial communication. Certain countries are requiring a move to short-form pension reporting, and some are requiring digital reporting instead of (or in some cases, in addition to) paper reporting. In a series of experiments, we show that the ability to locate information in financial reports is sensitive to the length of the report and to the communication form.

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מספר המאמר101756
כתב עתJournal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics
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סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - אוק׳ 2021

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