Fear not, vote truthfully: Secure Multiparty Computation of score based rules

Lihi Dery, Tamir Tassa, Avishay Yanai

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We propose a secure voting protocol for score-based voting rules, where independent talliers perform the tallying procedure. The protocol outputs the winning candidate(s) while preserving the privacy of the voters and the secrecy of the ballots. It offers perfect secrecy, in the sense that apart from the desired output, all other information – the ballots, intermediate values, and the final scores received by each of the candidates – is not disclosed to any party, including the talliers. Such perfect secrecy may increase the voters’ confidence and, consequently, encourage them to vote according to their true preferences. The protocol is extremely lightweight, and therefore it can be easily deployed in real life voting scenarios.

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מספר המאמר114434
כתב עתExpert Systems with Applications
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סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 15 אפר׳ 2021

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