Effective face frontalization in unconstrained images

Tal Hassner, Shai Harel, Eran Paz, Roee Enbar

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'Frontalization' is the process of synthesizing frontal facing views of faces appearing in single unconstrained photos. Recent reports have suggested that this process may substantially boost the performance of face recognition systems. This, by transforming the challenging problem of recognizing faces viewed from unconstrained viewpoints to the easier problem of recognizing faces in constrained, forward facing poses. Previous frontalization methods did this by attempting to approximate 3D facial shapes for each query image. We observe that 3D face shape estimation from unconstrained photos may be a harder problem than frontalization and can potentially introduce facial misalignments. Instead, we explore the simpler approach of using a single, unmodified, 3D surface as an approximation to the shape of all input faces. We show that this leads to a straightforward, efficient and easy to implement method for frontalization. More importantly, it produces aesthetic new frontal views and is surprisingly effective when used for face recognition and gender estimation.

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כותר פרסום המארחIEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2015
מוציא לאורIEEE Computer Society
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מסת"ב (אלקטרוני)9781467369640
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סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 14 אוק׳ 2015
אירועIEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2015 - Boston, ארצות הברית
משך הזמן: 7 יוני 201512 יוני 2015

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שםProceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
ISSN (מודפס)1063-6919


כנסIEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2015
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