Chronemic Nonverbal Expectancy Violations in Written Computer-Mediated Communication

Yoram Kalman, Sheizaf Rafaeli

פרסום מחקרי: תוצר מחקר מכנסתקציר


Time related (chronemic) cues are an important component of nonverbal communication. Do they also act as nonverbal cues in computer mediated communication? 55 participants were asked to rate a job candidate described in a vignette. Candidates varied in their valence (high valence, low valence) and in their response latency to an e-mail (normative one day latency, and nonnormative latencies of two weeks, and of total silence for a month). Candidates were identical in all other respects. The results show that the normative online response latency was more expected and resulted in more positive evaluations of the candidate. Complex interactions between response latency and candidate valence were observed. The importance of response latency as a nonverbal cue in computer mediated communication is discussed.
שפה מקוריתאנגלית אמריקאית
סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 2008
פורסם באופן חיצוניכן
אירועInternational Communication Association Conference 2008 - Montreal , קנדה
משך הזמן: 24 מאי 2008 → …


כנסInternational Communication Association Conference 2008
תקופה24/05/08 → …

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