Chemistry and structure of the CH3O2+ product of the O2+ + CH4 reaction

J. M. Van Doren, S. E. Barlow, C. H. DePuy, V. M. Bierbaum, I. Dotan, E. E. Ferguson

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The CH3O2+ product ion of the thermal energy reaction between O2+ and CH4 has been studied in reaction with a number of neutral molecules. The reactivity pattern demonstrates very convincingly that the structure of the ion is methylene hydroperoxy cation, CH2OOH+, in contrast to previous reports that the ion is protonated formic acid, HC(OH)2+ or HC(O)OH2+. From these and other data the heat of formation of this ion is determined to be between 182 and 188 kcal/mol.

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כתב עתJournal of Physical Chemistry
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סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 1986
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