Acco Festival: Between Celebration and Confrontation

פרסום מחקרי: ספר / דוחספרביקורת עמיתים


This research follows the history ofthe Acco Festival for Other Israeli Theatre from 1980-2012, chronicling it as a site of celebration as well as confrontation. The Acco Festival is presented as a borderland that brings together established mainstream directors and actors, alternative artists from the fringes, and Acco's Jewish and Arab residents. The book explores the festival's artistic direction; repertoire; organization, budget, and infrastructure; reception; and the Acco host community.
שפה מקוריתאנגלית
מקום הפרסוםBoston
מוציא לאורAcademic Studies Press
מסת"ב (אלקטרוני)9781618115126, 9781644691977
מסת"ב (מודפס)9781618115119
סטטוס פרסוםפורסם - 1 ינו׳ 2016

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