Some Lesser-Known Figures

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The present chapter discusses works in the British Euclidean tradition written by somewhat lesser-known and less influential mathematicians, such as John Leeke and George Serle, Reeve Williams and William Halifax (both of published translations of a version of the Elements by the French Jesuit Claude Dechales), William Alingham and Henry Hill. A final section discusses additional English versions of the Euclidean corpus published at the turn of the eighteenth century by John Keill, William Whiston and Robert Simson. By this time the variety of approaches in that corpus to the relationship between geometric, arithmetic, and algebraic ideas did not yet converge into a single accepted approach.

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StatePublished - 2022
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  • British mathematics
  • Claude Dechales
  • Euclidean tradition
  • Euclid’s Book II
  • Euclid’s Elements
  • George Serle
  • Henry Hill
  • John Keill
  • John Leeke
  • Reeve Williams
  • Renaissance mathematics
  • Robert Simson
  • William Alingham
  • William Halifax
  • William Whiston


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