Self-Supervised Object Detection from Egocentric Videos

Peri Akiva, Jing Huang, Kevin J. Liang, Rama Kovvuri, Xingyu Chen, Matt Feiszli, Kristin Dana, Tal Hassner

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contributionpeer-review


Understanding the visual world from human perspectives has been a long-standing challenge in computer vision. Egocentric videos exhibit high scene complexity and irregular motion flows compared to typical video understanding tasks. With the egocentric domain in mind, we address the problem of self-supervised, class-agnostic object detection, aiming to locate all objects in a given view, without any annotations or pre-trained weights. Our method, self-supervised object detection from egocentric videos (DEVI), generalizes appearance-based methods to learn features end-to-end that are category-specific and invariant to viewing angle and illumination. Our approach leverages natural human behavior in egocentric perception to sample diverse views of objects for our multi-view and scale-regression losses, and our cluster residual module learns multi-category patches for complex scene understanding. DEVI results in gains up to 4.11% AP50, 0.11% AR1, 1.32% AR10, and 5.03% AR100 on recent egocentric datasets, while significantly reducing model complexity. We also demonstrate competitive performance on out-of-domain datasets without additional training or fine-tuning.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings - 2023 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV 2023
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Number of pages13
ISBN (Electronic)9798350307184
StatePublished - 2023
Externally publishedYes
Event2023 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV 2023 - Paris, France
Duration: 2 Oct 20236 Oct 2023

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NameProceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision
ISSN (Print)1550-5499


Conference2023 IEEE/CVF International Conference on Computer Vision, ICCV 2023

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