Promoting 21st century pedagogy: can school autonomy and school-based professional development processes make a difference?

Adam Nir, Ronit Bogler, Dan Inbar, Anat Zohar, Adi Ben-David

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Public schools are expected to ensure that students who graduate the kindergarten (for 5–6 year olds) through twelfth grade (for 17–18 year olds) system are adept in 21st century skills to be successful in the new workforce landscape. Hence, schools need to establish progressive teaching and learning processes that significantly differ from the traditional ones. Since learning environments designed for knowledge construction promote self-regulated and self-directed learners, the current study attempts to assess to what extent do teachers’ perceptions of their school’s autonomy and satisfaction with school-based professional development (PD) processes foster 21st century oriented pedagogy. Data were collected from 645 teachers in 64 Israeli public junior high schools through questionnaires. A positive association was found between teachers’ perceived school autonomy and their satisfaction with school-based PD processes. High teacher satisfaction with PD was positively associated with progressive pedagogy. Teachers’ satisfaction with PD mediated the effect of school autonomy on using technology in teaching, on 21st century pedagogical knowledge, and on teachers’ professional competence. School autonomy with the mediation of teachers’ satisfaction with PD processes makes a positive contribution to teachers’ professional competence, knowledge related to progressive teaching and the use of technology. Theoretical and practical implications are further discussed.

Original languageEnglish
JournalEducation Inquiry
StateAccepted/In press - 2024

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  • 21st century pedagogy
  • professional development
  • School autonomy
  • teachers


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