Antisemitism in North Africa

Haim Saadoun

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This chapter focuses on antisemitism primarily in North Africa in modern times, i.e. in the French period, during which relations were particularly complex and at certain times highly intense. The subject of relations between Jews and Arabs in North Africa throughout history has received relative attention in research. Jews were living in Northwest Africa before the Arab conquest in the seventh century CE. Until then the region was populated by tribes called “Berbers,” an ethnic group that prefers to this day to be called “Amazigh,” i.e. “free men.” The Arab conquest of North Africa changed the demographic, political, and cultural balance of power. The most significant opposition to the Arab conquest came from the Berber tribes led by “El-Kahena.” Citing examples of abuse and humiliation of the Jews presents only one aspect of coexistence, the one which attracted the attention of Westerners who were not accustomed to such a reality.

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