"We were here first": Guiding Jewish Israeli pupils at Christian sites

Orit Ramon, Ines Gabel, Varda Wasserman

نتاج البحث: نشر في مجلةمقالة مرجعية مراجعة النظراء


The article examines the image of Christianity and Christians as expressed in the narratives used to guide Israeli pupils at Christian sites in Jerusalem. Based on an analysis of tour observations and interviews with tour guides and those who prepare the itineraries, it explores how the presentation of Christianity and Christians serves as a means of constructing a modern Israeli identity. It argues that despite the power of Jews in the Israeli state, there is a growing sense of victimhood in Israeli society, one that leads to the introduction of Jewish-Christian polemics into the Zionist narrative, and to the transformation of tours-ostensibly designed to expose students to cultural/religious pluralism-into a means of perpetuating the notion of hostile "others".

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