The journey of computer science and software engineering in Israeli schools

Avi Cohen, Shlomi Dolev, Judith Gal-Ezer

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We present a historical overview of how computer science (CS) was introduced in schools in Israel. We analyze the importance of the inclusion of CS in school curricula, for the individual development of pupils’ capabilities in all facets, and for Israel’s society and economy. We stress the need to expose all pupils to CS in a seamless learning gamified approach, in a spiral deepening of the two essential complementing aspects of CS—algorithms and programming. We start with perceptible physical moving robots that demonstrate an unbiased reaction of algorithms and programs, and gradually train for developing capabilities to abstract data structures, algorithms, and programs. We detail the journey of the introduction of computer science to the Israel Education system. The CS Curricula are described starting with elementary school, into middle school and then high school. Implementation issues are also briefly discussed. Finally, we discuss our vision for future developments in Israel’s CS education.

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