The Israeli Democracy Index 2016

Tamar Hermann, Ella Heller, Chanan Cohen, Dana Bublil, Fadi Omar

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The Israeli Democracy Index is a public opinion poll project conducted by the Guttman Center for Public Opinion and Policy Research. Since 2003, an extensive survey has been conducted annually on a representative sample of Israel’s adult population. Each survey presents an estimate of the quality of Israeli democracy for that year.

The project aims at assessing trends in Israeli public opinion regarding realization of democratic values and the performance of government systems and elected officials. Analysis of its results may contribute to public discussion of the status of democracy in Israel and create a cumulative empirical database to intensify discourse concerning such issues.
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ناشرIsrael Democracy Institute
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حالة النشرنُشِر - 2016

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الاسمThe Israeli Democracy Index
ناشرIsrael Democracy Institute


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