The Israeli Democracy Index 2014

Tamar Hermann, Ella Heller, Chanan Cohen, Gilad Be'ery, Yuval Lebel

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Written by by Prof. Tamar Hermann and a team of researchers from IDI's Guttman Center for Surveys, the Israeli Democracy Index 2014 focuses on the Israeli public's views on the country's socio-economic situation and its effect on Israeli democracy. It provides a comprehensive, up-to-date portrait, while at the same time identifying trends of change and elements of stability in Israeli public opinion in the political and socioeconomic spheres.

The Israeli Democracy Index has been the leading barometer of perceptions of the quality of Israeli democracy since its first publication in 2003. Based on an extensive survey of a representative sample of the adult population in all sectors of Israeli society, the report provides critical insights regarding trends in public opinion regarding the preferred form of government, the functioning of the political system, the behavior and performance of elected officials, and the realization of key democratic values. Analysis of its findings may contribute to public discussion of the status of democracy in Israel and create a cumulative empirical database to intensify discourse concerning such issues.
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ناشرIsrael Democracy Institute
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الاسمThe Israeli Democracy Index
ناشرIsrael Democracy Institute


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