The effect of digital games and game strategies on young adolescents' aggression

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Violence is a major element in many of the present-day's digital games. Despite the extensive research on this subject, the effect of violent digital games on the aggression level among children has not been satisfactorily clarified. The study examines the combined effect of collaborative/competitive game strategy and the presence or absence of violence in the game on the aggression of young adolescents. Fifty-six young adolescents (28 girls, 28 boys) aged 10-13 years old participated in this study. They played digital games and answered questionnaires designed to check the influence of the game on their aggression level immediately after the game. Findings indicate that game strategy may have a significant effect on aggression level: collaborative game strategy was found to repress aggression, whereas competitive strategy was found to raise aggression levels among all subjects. The very existence of violence in the game was not found to be responsible for the aggression level of players. No differences in player aggression levels were found between genders.

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