Teaching online: Survival skills for the effective teacher

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The rapid infiltration of instructional technologies into educational systems and corporations, confront teachers, trainers and instructors with situations that require the utilization of an ever-growing assortment of technical, cognitive, and sociological skills that are necessary in order to perform effectively in digital environments. These skills are termed collectively 'digital literacy'. However, unlike the common attitude towards digital literacy in most studies of instructional technologies, it is more than just the technical ability to use digital devices properly. Digital literacy comprises a variety of cognitive skills that are utilized when teaching or learning at a distance, such as the ability to divide attention between students in an online lecture, the ability to teach effectively in a non-linear environment, and the ability decipher information from visual representations, as in user interfaces. In fact, digital literacy has become today a "survival skill" for present-days teachers that use technology for instruction; a key that helps them to employ successfully complex instructional strategies in their teaching.
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