Szemtől szemben a gonosszal: a magyarországi zsidó újságírás szemben az antiszemitizmussal a harmincas évek végétől 1944-ig [Face to face with evil: essay on the Hungarian Jewish press, 1938-1944]

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Describes Jewish reactions to the anti-Jewish laws in Hungary. The Hungarian Prime Minister claimed that they were meant to silence antisemites. Jewish journalists wrote that they were meant to oppress Jews in the interests of others. On 1 January 1939, Hungarian authorities closed down all Jewish newspapers and permitted the publication of two new weeklies. A few weeks before, the Germans had taken similar but more drastic measures. What remained of the Hungarian Jewish press was relatively free until the German occupation in 1944. Until then it could oppose antisemitic propaganda which blamed Jewish assimilation or its absence for all the problems.
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دوريةMult és Jövő
مستوى الصوت1-2
حالة النشرنُشِر - 2004

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Appeared in Hebrew in "Kesher" 33 (2003).

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