Restrictions, L-parameters, and local coefficients for genuine representations

Fan Gao, Freydoon Shahidi, Daniel Szpruch Alpert

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We consider the restriction and induction of representations between a covering group and its derived subgroup, both on the representation-theoretic side and the L-parameter side. In particular, restriction of a genuine principal series is analyzed in detail. We also discuss a metaplectic tensor product construction for covers of the symplectic similitudes groups, and remark on the generality of such a construction for other groups. Furthermore, working with an arbitrary irreducible constituent of a unitary unramified principal series, we prove a multiplicity formula for its restriction to the derived subgroup in terms of three associated R-groups. Later in the paper, we study an unramified L-packet on how the parametrization of elements inside such a packet varies along with different choices of hyperspecial maximal compact subgroups and their splittings. We also investigate the genericity of elements inside such an L-packet with respect to varying Whittaker datum. Pertaining to the above two problems, covers of the symplectic similitudes groups are discussed in detail in the last part of the paper.
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دوريةarXiv preprint
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حالة النشرتمّ التقديم - 2021


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