Public opinion in Israel: "The Sociodemographic Nexus"

Tamar Hermann

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In Israel, as in many other countries, the impact of public opinion on national policymaking has increased dramatically over the last few decades. In fact, public opinion has practically developed into one of the prime political inputs in Israel. This chapter argues that this increased impact, which could have contributed to improving the Israeli democracy, is in fact often undermined by the increasing overlapping of the main cleavages within Israel: between the political Right and Left, between Jews and Arabs, and between religious and secular Israelis. This extreme overlapping has severely eroded the national consensus and accelerated the emergence of deep disagreements in public opinion over strategic issues, such as the nature of the state (Jewish? Democratic?), the main challenges facing the nation (including the best way of dealing with the protracted Israeli–Palestinian conflict), and the desired collective future.
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عنوان منشور المضيفThe Oxford Handbook of Israeli Politics and Society
المحررونReuven Y Hazan, Alan Dowty, Menahem Hofnung, Gidon Rahat
مكان النشرNew York
ناشرOxford University Press
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