Not as Easy as E-Mail: Tutors' Perspective of an Online Assignment Submission System

Orit Naor-Elaiza, Nitza Geri

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Continued use of a system beyond initial adoption is one of the most challenging issues in practice and research. This study examines the continued use of an online assignment submission system, which was implemented in a blended distance learning university. The system has two main groups of users: the students who may choose between submitting their work through the system
or via regular mail, and the tutors who have to check these assignments. This paper analyzes the system’s continued use from the tutor’s perspective. After nine years of implementation, about half of the assignments were submitted via the system. The research model, which is based mainly on the technology acceptance model (TAM) and diffusion of innovation theory, has been empirically examined with data collected via a Web survey from 89 tutors. Behavioral intention
to use the system was influenced mainly by its compatibility with the assignment checking process, its perceived usefulness, its real value, and tutors’ attitude toward new technologies. The findings suggest that the system is not compatible with the checking process of those tutors who are reluctant to use it.
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دوريةInterdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects
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حالة النشرنُشِر - 2009


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