Non-delay scheduling as a managerial approach for managing projects

Ofer Zwikael, Yuval Cohen, Arik Sadeh

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Many project managers face the dilemma of using delay versus non-delay scheduling while planning and managing a project. The first approach is called a non-delay schedule, also known as the "early start" or "as soon as possible" approach. The second approach, called a "delay schedule", based on "late start" scheduling, has recently been connected to some new models, among them, the Theory of Constraints. The paper compares these two approaches for managing projects. The non-delay concept was found to be more efficient in reducing project risk, reducing project duration, improving resource load, improving project tram development and improving the positioning of a project manager while negotiating for resources. However, some limitations in existing non-delay models were found and hence, a new non-delay scheduling algorithm was developed and is introduced in this paper. Comparing this model with other models from the literature, it was found that the suggested one gives better results while considering measures of computing time and project duration.

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دوريةInternational Journal of Project Management
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حالة النشرنُشِر - مايو 2006


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