MRI imaging with noise filtering in wavelet space

Saleem Zaroubi (مخترع), Gadi Goelman (مخترع), Roland Chisin (مخترع)

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A method of imaging of an object. A plurality of image datasets, for example a real part and an imaginary part of a magnetic resonance image, are acquired, and are transformed separately to a transform space and filtered. The filtered datasets are inverse transformed and recombined nonlinearly to produce the final image. The preferred transformation is a wavelet transformation. Noisy transform coefficients are suppressed by thresholding.
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رقم براءة الاختراع6,094,050
تصنيف براءة الاختراع الدوليUS6094050A
حالة النشرنُشِر - 25 يوليو 2000

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US Patent 6,094,050


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