Micro-learning in designing professional development for ICT teacher leaders: The role of self-regulation and perceived learning

Tamar Shamir-Inbal, Ina Blau

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Digital technologies provide opportunities for enhancing teaching, learning and teacher professional development (TPD). Some TPD courses can now be learned online and require trainees to conduct self-regulated learning (SRL). The revised Self-Regulated Learning Model (RSRLM) defines seven components of self-regulation: motivation, engagement, forethought, performance, reflection, monitoring, and management. This study examined self-regulated learning processes, strategies and challenges in the context of a micro-learning, blended TPD course for ICT leaders, aimed to expose them to advanced pedagogical-technological knowledge and practices. The participants were 172 Israeli ICT school leaders. Data collection through a multiple-choice and open-ended questionnaire was followed-up by semi-structured interviews with 13 of the participants. The coding (n = 953) revealed all seven components of the RSRLM model. In addition, bottom-up coding revealed characteristics of cognitive (n = 323) and emotional perceived learning (n = 405). Finally, multiple regression analysis explained 16.2% of variance in TPD achievement by seniority in teaching, seniority in teacher training, and cognitive perceived learning. In addition, cognitive and emotional perceived learning explained 48.4% of variance in willingness to participate in future TPD courses using the micro-learning approach. We discuss the implications of the findings for SRL theory, the perceived learning framework, and the practice of TPD.

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