Medical genetics in Isreal

R. M. Goodman, B. Bonne-Tamir, A. Adam, R. Voss, G. Bach, Y. Shiloh, M. Bat-Miriam Katznelson, G. Barkai, B. Goldman, B. Padeh, J. Chemke, C. Legum

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Three historical events set the stage for the flourishing of human genetic studies in Israel: (1) the establishment of the modern State of Israel in 1948, (2) the subsequent mass Jewish immigration to the country from all parts of the world, and (3) the newly emerging discipline of medical genetics. For approximately the past four decades Israeli physicians and human geneticists have been studying genetic polymorphisms and diseases not only in the Jewish but also the non-Jewish communities of Isreal. As a result of these efforts a wealth of information has been amassed. Regarding the Jewish communities, population studies have shown that, apart from a few exceptions, most of the communities differ markedly from their former non-Jewish host populations. Studies on genetic diseases in Jews have shown that each of the major Jewish groups (Oriental, Sephardi, and Ashkenazi) for the most part have their own distinct and characteristic disorders. The Israeli genetic community has been stimulated, not only by its plethora of material but also by the current advances being made in all phases of human genetic studies, to continue to increase its knowledge of genetic diseases and population differences and similarities, and also to improve the care of all its people who suffer from genetic diseses. A brief account of our current activities has been presented in this review. Just as few would have predicted 40 years ago the scientific advances that have taken place in the sphere of human genetics, so we shall be surprised as to the tremendous progress that will be made in the next 40 years that will result in better health for all mankind.

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دوريةJournal of Medical Genetics
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