High-School Computer Science - Its Effect on the Choice of Higher Education

Michal Armoni, Judith Gal-Ezer

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In a previous publication we examined the connections between high-school computer science (CS) and computing higher education. The results were promising - students who were exposed to computing in high school were more likely to take one of the computing disciplines. However, these correlations were not necessarily causal. Possibly those students who took CS courses, and especially high-level CS courses in high school, were already a priori inclined to pur-sue computing education. This uncertainty led us to pursue the current research. We aimed at find-ing those factors that induced students to choose CS at high school and later at higher-education institutes. We present quantitative findings obtained from analyzing freshmen computing students’ responses to a designated questionnaire. The findings show that not only did high-school CS stud-ies have a major impact on students’ choice whether to study computing in higher education - it may have also improved their view of the discipline.

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