Gall midges (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) associated with Suaeda (chenopodiaceae) in Israel and the mediterranean basin

Netta Dorchin, Gilad Danon, Roi Dor

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The plant genus Suaeda (Chenopodiaceae) is host to approximately 30 species of gall midges mainly in Central Asia and the Mediterranean Basin. However, the actual number of cecidomyiid species on these plants is probably higher given that the faunas of Africa and Arabia are virtually unstudied and those of Central Asia and the Mediterranean Basin merit more careful study. Many gall-midge species on Suaeda develop without gall formation and are discovered by chance or through targeted sampling, and their host ranges have not been investigated thoroughly. In the present study we describe six new species from Suaeda in Israel, Dasyneuriola prolifica, Baldratia arida, Careopalpis latita, C. lanceocercis, C. yotvata and Suaediola quotidiana, some of which most likely occur also in neighboring countries. The genus Suaediola is newly described for four species, three of which are transferred to it from Stefaniola: Suaediola defoliata n. comb., Suaediola rufa n. comb. and Suaediola siliqua n. comb. We also provide the first description of pupae and adults for Baldratia suaedae, which was known so far only from its larvae. The validity of all Israeli species of Careopalpis and Suaediola is corroborated by the analysis of mtCOI sequences. Our results suggest a high level of specialization in chenopod gall-midges and demonstrate the utility of molecular data for distinguishing cryptic species and defining their host ranges.

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