Exaggeration of emotional responses in online communication

Avner Caspi, Shir Etgar

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Two studies tested differences in reported (Study 1, N = 197) and perceived (Study 2, N = 875) level of exaggerated emotional responses published on four online platforms: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and email. We found differences between platforms that may reflect divergent communication norms. Participants judged the level of exaggeration by comparing a given message to a message that they would have published as well as to the norms that govern the communication platform. Overall, participants reported that they exaggerated less than other users. Content format (text, picture, or video) and perceived privacy level moderated the impact of the platform on judgment of exaggeration. We suggest that since online media filter out communication cues, users tend to amplify their emotional responses. This amplification generates an atmosphere in which exaggerating is the norm of communication.

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دوريةComputers in Human Behavior
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