Conscious and unconscious metacognition: A rejoinder: A Rejoinder

A Koriat, R Levy-Sadot

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In this rejoinder we clarify several issues raised by the commentators with the hope of resolving some disagreements. In particular, we address the distinction between information-based and experience-based metacognitive judgments and the idea that memory monitoring may be mediated by direct access to internal representations. We then examine the possibility of unconscious metacognitive processes and expand on the critical role that conscious metacognitive feelings play in mediating between unconscious activations and explicit-controlled action. Finally, several open questions are articulated for further scrutiny.

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عدد الصفحات10
دوريةConsciousness and Cognition
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المعرِّفات الرقمية للأشياء
حالة النشرنُشِر - يونيو 2000


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