Artificial Intelligence Synergetic Opportunities in Services: Conversational Systems Perspective

Shai Rozenes, Yuval Cohen

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The importance of this paper is its discovery of the unused synergetic potential of integration between several AI techniques into an orchestrated effort to improve service. Special emphasis is given to the conversational capabilities of AI systems. The paper shows that the literature related to the use of AI in service is divided into independent knowledge domains (silos) that are either related to the technology under consideration, or to a small group of technologies related to a certain application; it then discusses the reasons for the isolation of these silos, and reveals the barriers and the traps for their integration. Two case studies of service systems are presented to illustrate the importance of synergy. A special focus is given to the conversation part of these service systems: the first case presents an application with high potential for integrating new AI technologies into its AI portfolio, while the second case illustrates the advantages of a mature application that has already integrated many technologies into its AI portfolio. Finally, the paper discusses the two case studies and presents inclusion relationships between AI capabilities to facilitate generating a roadmap for extending AI capabilities with synergetic opportunities.

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